Open a new residential electricity account

Need to sign-up for a new residential electricity service account? Please read and complete this request form to open a FortisBC electricity account. If we require your signature or a security deposit, we will notify you.

Note: to set up a new natural gas account, please call 1-888-224-2710, Monday-Friday 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Are you moving? Learn more about how to start, stop and move your service.

FortisBC respects the privacy of its customers and recognizes the need to protect confidential information in its possession. Such information may be used in the collection of accounts, requests from legal and regulatory bodies including the BC Utilities Commission and as required or permitted by law. By providing the requested information, you consent to the use, collection and disclosure of this information for such purposes. FortisBC will safeguard all the information you provide to us, in accordance with our Privacy Statement. Please note that email is not a secure form of communication. To learn more about FortisBC's commitment to privacy and confidentiality, please view our Privacy Policy. By submitting this form, you agree and consent to this privacy policy.

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STEP 1 - Primary electricity account holder information

*Last name:
*First name:
Middle initial:
*Date of birth:   Month:    Day:    Year: 
*Current home phone number:

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We require two pieces of government issued identification such as a driver's licence, BC Services Card/Care Card or BC ID. If you're from out of province, please provide your health card number and another form of government issued identification.

*BC driver's license number:
*BC Services Card/Care Card number:
*BC ID number:
*Other - government issued ID number and type:

STEP 2 - Emergency contact information


We require an emergency contact person in case we need to notify you of emergency or planned power outages, billing or collection issues and fraudulent activities.

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*First name:
*Current home phone number:

STEP 3 - New service address

*Date responsible at new service address:   Month:    Day:    Year: 

Mailing address (if different from service address)

* If your mailing address is different than your service address, please fill out the information below.
My mailing address is the same as my service address
Postal/zip code:

STEP 4 - Provincial sales tax (PST)


Purchasers of energy products have an obligation to advise suppliers where they may be subject to seven per cent PST. Residents of British Columbia are charged only 5 per cent GST on energy being used for personal use or consumption at a residence by the owner, long term tenant or other occupant of the residence. Residential use does not include business, commercial or industrial use. Learn more about PST and energy products.

To confirm whether PST will apply to your service, please answer the following three questions:

1. Will you provide short term-rentals at this location?  Yes   No
Example: Property that is rented out on a nightly or weekly basis, any term under one month. This could be a single family home, condominium or apartment such as a vacation property or a rental for the purpose of generating additional income.
2. Will a business operate at this location or use the property for commercial or industrial use?  Yes   No
Example: Any home-based business or home office (self-employed), such as a daycare, hair salon, mechanic services, bookkeeping services or farm. A property used to store scrap metal for resale, provide welding services on the property, or maintain vehicles used for business. Also includes spec homes, even if empty and unsold.
3. Will this meter be used solely for equipment or lighting outside of the residence?  Yes   No
Example: Meter is for an irrigation pump or yard light.

STEP 5 - References and other


A deposit charge equalling three months of energy charges is added to each account if the account holder hasn't had an active FortisBC account with a perfect payment history over the past year.

Annual interest will be paid to customers for deposits that are held on the account. Interest ceases to be payable upon account termination or transfer of the deposit back to the account.

The deposit is refunded to the registered customer upon termination of the account or within two years of good payment history.

*To waive the deposit, we can obtain a credit bureau report from Equifax. Would you like FortisBC to obtain your credit report for you?   Yes    No 

*If you chose "No," please continue with the application. If you chose "Yes," we need to know your place of residence for the past year. Please complete the following:

Postal/zip code:
Will you own or rent your new residence?   Own    Rent 
For the safety of our meter readers, will you have a dog present at this location?   Yes    No 
If so, what is the dog's name?
Is the dog allowed treats?
* If you're renting, please provide landlord's information:
Last name:
First name:
Home phone number:
Is there life support equipment required?   Yes    No 
If yes, please describe what type of equipment below:
As an environmental and cost-saving measure, we only provide return envelopes to customers who normally mail their payment to FortisBC. Will you require a return envelope to be included with your electrical bill?
    Yes    No 

STEP 6 - Ways to pay your bill


1. Pre-authorized Payment Plan


With the Pre-authorized Payment Plan, your FortisBC electricity bill payment is automatically withdrawn from your bank account.

After your account has been set up, you can sign up for online access to your account through Account Online and then select Pre-authorized Payment Plan as your preferred payment method. Or you can call customer service at 1-866-436-7847, Monday  Friday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.


2. At your financial institution

Pay your paper bill at automated teller machines or in person at your financial institution.

Please note that your FortisBC paperless bill stub cannot be remitted for payment at most financial institutions. Your FortisBC paperless bill can be paid via internet or telephone banking, or by signing up for direct debit.


3. Telephone or online banking

Important! Be sure to enter your FortisBC account number when prompted.

4. Mail

Mail your cheque or money order to:

FortisBC - Electricity
P.O. Box 8970 Station Main
Vancouver, BC   V6B 4E2

5. Drop box

You may also drop your cheque payment off at one of our drop box locations. Be sure to include your FortisBC electricity account number on the front of your cheque.

Radio-off application for the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) project

Interested in the radio-off option for a fee? Please click here.

Additional comments

In submitting this form, the Customer acknowledges and agrees to the following conditions:

The Customer agrees to take responsibility for and pay for electricity-related services provided by FortisBC in accordance with the rates, rules and regulations approved by the BC Utilities Commission. Copies of the tariff, rules and regulations are available online or upon request.

The Customer is responsible for notifying FortisBC, in advance, when a service is no longer required. Until notification is given, the Customer is liable for all electricity-related charges accumulated on the Customer's account.

If the Customer agrees to the above conditions and, to the best of his or her knowledge, all information provided is true and accurate, please click the submit button below.

Please review all information prior to submitting your application. If you're satisfied with this information, please click the submit button.